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Commercial real estate really is a viable career for all

Read what Debbie Harms, CEO of Maestas & Ward, really has to say about commercial real estate as a viable career for anyone of any age... including members of the millennial generation.

Commercial Real Estate has a large barrier to entry in that it takes about two years of hard-working, 15 hour days before you actually start earning any money.  A new broker will earn a small income during the first two years, but it takes a lot of perseverance and elbow-grease to get to the real income possible in commercial real estate.  Members of our millennial generation are the most highly educated group of individuals ever seen.  They are smart, savvy and well-educated.  They have a myriad of possible job opportunities available to them in numerous industries.  Working for two years to build a book of business which will earn an outstanding income is not an endeavor for everyone, especially the unmotivated or faint of heart.  It’s hard work, and it’s infinitely worth the endurance trials.

NAI has done a good job of recruiting, and promoting, young people.  We don’t make a concentrated, active effort to recruit members of the millennial age group; we do however diligently recruit the best and the brightest people available.  If a person is intelligent, eager, active, knowledgeable with a great attitude and a desire to succeed, we want them as part of our team.  We have worked to keep our company at the forefront of technology and industry standards, which happens to be appealing to highly motivated, successful members of the millennial generation.  It’s also appealing to anyone, of any age wanting to excel in this industry.  Our Brokers/Advisors are our greatest assets.  Younger Brokers often add vibrancy, energy and a fresh outlook.  Seasoned brokers add experience, stability, knowledge and depth.  We have both groups; we’re equally delighted with both.

A collaborative work environment and flexible schedules are a balance to the intense, driven work ethic of this industry.  Flexible schedules are given with commercial real estate brokers.  We are all independent contractors; we are our own boss.  I often tell people when you own your own business, which is what being a broker is, you get to choose which 15 hours you work each day.  If you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.  It’s invigorating, challenging and exciting.  Success is both motivating and stimulating.

We have a collaborative work environment, which enhances interaction between team members.  Our newer team members are innovative and creative.  Our seasoned brokers have a wealth of knowledge and experience.  For any age broker who is willing to step up to take on the challenge of commercial real estate, the innovation, knowledge, creativity and experience are openly shared.  Collaboration is only successful when there are differing points of view, differing experiences and a willingness of all to share, learn and grow.  Everyone who works here is a value-added influence to the team.

I don’t see a lack of young people interested in this industry.  I see plenty of people who want to be part of a successful team.  We encourage them to join our team at a position they can sustain, and then grow from there.  The opportunities available in commercial real estate are vast.  Not everyone in commercial real estate is a broker.  The members of our support staff are an important and integral part of our successful equation.  There is a place and a position for anyone with the motivation and willingness to be successful.  We offer opportunity, encouragement, support and an amazing amount of fun.  Commercial real estate is an outstanding industry for anyone who sees themselves as a winner and is willing to run the race to prove it.

Taken directly from Debbie's Harms interview for recent Albuquerque Business First article, click here to read the full article:  Maestas & Ward CEO says commercial real estate really is a viable career


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