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Meet Retail Senior Advisor Randall Parish

For the past couple of years, we have watched Randall tailor the “suit” of professional, commercial real estate Advisor into a perfectly-cut, well-stitched and superbly-appointed ensemble worn by a best-in-class broker.  Randall has honed his skills to incorporate integrity, honor and knowledge as the base elements of his business acumen. When faced with a challenge, he thinks, he assesses and then he acts. His commitment to his clientele is unparalleled and he is relentless in his pursuit of triumph. He is very quick-witted, with the most remarkable talent for story-telling and creation ever seen. His articulate use of the English vocabulary is astounding, and in some cases, hilariously bizarre. All of these skills have led him to success as an Advisor, and will continue to aid him as he steps into his newly earned role of Senior Advisor.

To celebrate this tremendous achievement we sat down (virtually) with Randall to learn a little bit more about his thoughts on Commercial Real Estate and who he is inside and outside of the office.

Q:     What did you do before your career in commercial real estate, and what skills or experiences have transitioned with you?

Prior to getting into commercial real estate, I worked as a financial advisor for about a decade here in Albuquerque.

Q:     What made you choose commercial real estate over other opportunities?

Several years ago I got to know the legendary Steve Maestas via Toastmasters.  It occurred to me that no one adequately trolls Steve the way he deserves to be trolled. Taking a job at the firm he co-founded gave me a good platform to address this incredibly important issue.

Q:     What part of being a new broker and new to the industry did you find most challenging?

Deals can fall apart for all kinds of reasons, oftentimes for reasons outside of your control.  Those moments can be painful, but the failures make the successes all the more enjoyable.

Q:     What do you enjoy most about being a commercial real estate broker?

It’s exciting and invigorating to play a role in New Mexico’s economic development.

Q:     Who has influenced you the most?

We have a wonderful group of veteran advisors at M&W, all of whom have been very generous with their time and wisdom.  I’m blessed to be a part of this firm.

Q:     How do you approach risk?

Obviously, risk goes hand-in-hand with rewards. A great advisor can highlight potential risks that a client may not have considered. Likewise, we can often position clients for certain kinds of returns that they may not have thought about.  Since people have different risk tolerances, I take the time to understand each client’s situation and tailor my advice accordingly.

Q:     How have you remained successful and hurdled the COVID challenges in your real estate world?

Time feels like it moves slowly in hard times, but we’ll get past this pandemic. There are huge opportunities for those willing to take a longer view. My job is help people take advantage of those opportunities.

Q:     What advice would you give someone considering a career in CRE?

Troll Steve Maestas!

We are proud to have such a talented and driven broker among our ranks.

Randall Parish is a Senior Advisor in our Office Division. For more information on his properties click here. 

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