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Congratulations Dave Hill, Senior Director

“As we all go through life we make decisions about paths to take which may or may not work out in our best interest.  We often face these decisions armed with only the knowledge of our capabilities and our own conviction.  Strength of fortitude and sheer willpower are what get us through the trying times, and the joy of success is what drives us to continue. 

In our midst, we have one strong example of what can be achieved with fortitude, endurance and perseverance.  Dave Hill is that example.  Dave has shown us that a career change can be rewarding, and the right decision, regardless of the risk.  Please join me in congratulating Dave Hill on attaining the status of Senior Director with NAI Maestas & Ward.” – Debbie Harms, NAI Maestas & Ward CEO

We are proud to have Dave on our team of experts and are thrilled to witness his continued success.  To learn more about Dave and his journey within the commercial real estate industry we sat down with him for a Q & A session about his background, career and passions outside the office.

How does it feel to receive the status of Senior Director?

It is an honor.  I have been very fortunate to work with Maestas & Ward for more than 14 years.  During that time, I have had many mentors who help me learn my trade better and better.  Now, I work with younger brokers who I can help develop, and believe it or not, learn from.  I firmly believe you never stop learning, and M & W continues to help in that process with both old brokers like myself and young brokers in the business.

 What made you decide on a career change to commercial real estate? What industry were you in prior?

I worked for Square D Company as a field engineer and enjoyed what I did.  However, the job required me to work 80 to 90 hours a week.  At that time, I had three small children and knew if I stayed with the company, I would not have an opportunity to be a part of my children’s lives.  Therefore, something had to change.

My father had a commercial real estate company in Phoenix years ago when I was younger and my brother and brother-in- law were still running the company.  I knew enough about real estate to be dangerous.

My wife and I prayed about what would be best for our family, and we decided to give real estate a try.  Right after we made the decision to change careers she became pregnant with our fourth child.  The first year was tough as I was working for a small independent firm.  Then Karen Hudson, one of the top brokers in New Mexico invited me to come work with her.  She and I partnered up and became one of the first office broker teams in the Albuquerque area.  Because of my career change, I was able to take time off and be a part of my childrens’ lives.

How long have you been in the commercial real estate industry, and what are your specialties? 

I have been in real estate for more than 21 years.  I specialize in office leasing and sales.  One of the things I love about real estate is that I have clients that I have worked with for more than 20 years and new clients just getting started.  Everyday, there is something new.

 What is the most rewarding and challenging aspect of being a commercial real estate advisor? 

Needs analysis.  It is the basic number one job of a real estate broker to help a client understand his real estate needs.  And then I enjoy helping guide them through the real estate process to deliver a successful transaction.

Who is Dave outside the office? 

I am a family man.  My wife and I have been married for more than 28 years.  We have four grown children from ages 21 to 27.  Two are still in college, one is starting her career as a photographer/graphic designer and one is in the Navy.  I have been involved in all their lives either coaching a sport or watching them do their activities.

I enjoy giving back to the community whether it is through my church or working on different committees in real estate, schools, or the City.  I think it is important to use our God-given talents to help improve the environment we are in.

Lastly, I like to be outdoors working in the yard, hiking up a trail or maybe just fishing.  We live in a beautiful city and state with beautiful hiking trails and outdoor activities.

By:  Genieve Sanchez Posen, Marketing Director - NAI Maestas & Ward

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