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Twenty Years of Success

Stop for just a minute and think back to what you were doing 20 years ago.  For some, grade school, playgrounds, snacks and naps were the order of the day.  For some, new lives with new spouses and young families, bicycles, strollers and parent teacher conferences filled your evenings and weekends, while career building and ladder climbing consumed your days.  Twenty years is the difference in being an infant, then a college student, then the parent of a college student and then someone considering retirement.  Twenty years is a lifetime and a blink of an eye, all at the same time.

Twenty years ago, Steve Maestas and Phil Ward decided it would be a great idea to start a new, boutique commercial real estate firm, specializing in retail properties.  On March 16, 1996, they opened the doors of Maestas & Ward and marched forward into the familiar, but unknown.  They coddled and fed their baby and it grew and flourished.  That fledgling business stretched into a stable and respected leader in commercial real estate in New Mexico.  Over the past twenty years, partners have come and gone, brokers and employees have come and gone and the business has stood the test of time.  Several among us have been here for a good portion of these twenty years; Steve has been the cornerstone for all of them.

Twenty years of company success, endurance and achievement is a testament to the players, the partners, the people and the pride.  I am proud to be affiliated with this company and all of you.  I am proud of the company Steve built as well as our guardianship of its continuing reputation.  I am proud of what we, and our company, stand for in our community.  I am proud of my partners and am humbled by, and grateful to, those who came before me.

Steve, congratulations on twenty years of success.  Here’s to twenty more……………Cheers!!

Debbie Harms, CCIM, SIOR, CPM



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