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Feliz Navidad from Santa Fe

Feliz Navidad presented by Amigo Fiel

Amigo Fiel is a USA 1031(c) 3 Christian non-profit organization founded in 1993 by Carlos Garcia, founder and co-director.  Joel Cumplido serves as co-director of the organization.  Amigo Fiel has a twofold mission: First, we train volunteers from all over the United States to share the gospel of Jesus and to be effective, service-minded individuals in their individual communities.  Thousands of volunteers have successfully participated in Amigo Fiel’s training program, and today we are represented by volunteers serving in over 16 countries around the world. Secondly, volunteers come to serve, love, and train local volunteers in Juarez.

We serve the underprivileged people of Juarez by providing food, education and life skills through our after school program.  Amigo Fiel serves 60 children daily, grades first through sixth.  We also help students seventh grade through college in our homework program, which is designed to provide life skills and strong studying discipline to those in the higher grades.  All students have an opportunity to attend school through our scholarship program, which provides full education and expense coverage for all students in the program.

Amigo Fiel also collaborates with Samaritan’s Purse USA and we serve as the logistics arm to facilitate the crossing of approximately 800,000 gifts yearly for children in the country of Mexico.  We provide services to our community through providing medical supplies and medication to local health organizations, painting and repairing of homes, home construction for families affected by violence, construction of classrooms and repairing of school facilities, providing school supplies, and many other services.

All services in Mexico are provided free of charge in the name of God.

Carlos Garcia is a Managing Partner for NAI Maestas & Ward's Santa Fe office and Joel Cumplido is an Advisor for the Santa Fe office.  They are experts in commercial real estate and stewards of their community and faith.  

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