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10 Things you might not know about CEO, Debbie Harms

How much do you know about NAI Maestas & Ward CEO, Debbie Harms? Most people know her as one of the top leaders in the New Mexico Commercial Real Estate and Property Management industries.  However, in celebration of National Bosses Day, we sat down with one of the best bosses (we may be biased) to learn a few interesting and funny details of Debbie outside the CRE boardroom.

Here are 10 you might not know about Debbie Harms:

1. Goat Cheese is abhorrent to me.  Tastes like vomit and makes me gag.

2.  The only “C” grades I received in school were in handwriting in third grade and Accounting 101 in college. If you look closely, you can tell that I still print all of my letters, I just run them together so they look like cursive writing.  I finally got the accounting thing......

3.  I made my own wedding dress.

4.  I secretly count everything; steps on the treadmill, stairs, seconds on the microwave, people in a room, etc.

5.  I don’t eat cake with blue icing. On my 21st birthday my friends and I celebrated with shots of liquor and a cake with blue didn’t end well for me.  I don’t do blue icing. 

6.  As a kid, I didn’t like the taste of meat, so I would sell my portion of meat to one of my brothers.

7.  I don’t like chocolate. I wouldn’t spit it out (I will spit out goat cheese), but I would never choose to eat chocolate and will usually just pass it by. 

8.  I think life is too short. We should get to live a couple hundred years so we have time to get really good at a profession and then change to another and another. 

9.  I was the first single female hot air balloon owner.

10.  I am a morning person. I have much more energy and ability in the morning than I have in the afternoon.  If I am working on a big project, you can bet it will be morning.

Meet Debbie Harms:

Debbie Harms is a national notable commercial real estate executive that has nearly 30 years of experience in commercial real estate including brokerage, development, property management and leasing services.  In addition, Debbie has extensive expertise in owner association management and has been involved in and managed all aspects of commercial real estate and development.

As a leader to a company of 13 skilled staff members and 34 licensed commercial real estate professionals, she manages it all through integrity, hard work, employee empowerment and more.  She is passionate about philanthropy, creating a family-friendly company environment and the greater impact of commercial real estate on the New Mexico economy and our local community.  She is a wife, a mother, a teacher, a leader and an incredible boss.  Thank you Debbie for the drive and persistence you bring everyday to NAI Maestas & Ward, we appreciate you.  Happy Bosses Day! 



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