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Diligence, Perseverance and Attitude

In the course of a lifetime, we all face challenges when attainable goals we have set, become daunting and unachievable.  Life takes its turns, and if you don’t have diligence and perseverance to keep pushing forward, fate will turn its ugly eye, and failure will become the soulmate tied to your hip.  But what happens when your positive attitude, belief in yourself and your team, and your perseverance take hold and you just keep rowing the boat, knowing your fate is in your own hands?   What happens is, one pull of the oar at a time, you overcome, the inevitable outcome changes, your goal becomes attainable.  Ask Jim Wible about daunting and unachievable.  Ask him about continuing to pull the oar anyway.  Ask him about the sweet victory of accomplishment and success, and then join me in congratulating him on his advancement from Director to Senior Director.

To celebrate this tremendous achievement we sat down (virtually) with Jim to learn a little bit more about his career in Commercial Real Estate and who he is inside and outside of the office.

Q:     What did you do before your career in commercial real estate?

A:     After graduating college, I worked in the semiconductor industry in various capacities in the manufacture of chips.  I worked in Albuquerque as my first job out of college, and worked in the Sunnyvale, CA area and in central Florida along the space coast, always at facilities that manufactured chips.  Then in 1990, we moved back here to start up and work in new manufacturing facilities.  Since then, we have decided this is where we wanted to live.


Q:     What made you transition into commercial real estate?

A:     My career in the semiconductor industry was fun, but there was likely a requirement to relocate from New Mexico to continue.  The transition was driven by the fact that we had been investing in real estate and learning about cash flow and other components of commercial real estate.  After leaving to make a career change, I decided to go into brokerage.


Q:     What is the most fulfilling part of being a commercial real estate broker?

A:     The amount of learning that takes place constantly in this role.  You get to learn about various businesses and how they use their real estate to make their business successful and at the same time you get to interface with community leaders to have a positive impact on changes to the community and how the community as a whole develops.  It is fascinating to watch and play a small part.


Q:     What would you say is the highlight of your career so far?

A:     Anytime I can help my client achieve the goal that they have for their property, it provides a sense of achievement.


Q:     What parts of the job do you find most challenging?

A:     For me personally, it is having the patience to work on the things that I can control and then wait for other activities to take place that helps the client make the appropriate decision for them.  This is true for buying or selling and for landlords and tenants.  The more you can talk to your client you can understand what they are trying to achieve and determine the best way or the options for ways to help them.


Q:    Who has influenced you the most?

A:     My parents.  They have been married for over 60 years.  They have been through good times and lean times.  They always knew the value of work and passed that along.  They always demonstrated the importance of family.  My success is only because of their lessons.


Q:     How do you approach risk?

A:      I view risk as the absence of information when making decisions.  What we as advisors try and do is to help our clients manage risk by working through information needs and collecting information to reduce overall risk.  The purchase or lease transaction is a big deal for the client, no matter which side of the transaction or what type of transaction.  I try and approach risk by coming up with information and solutions to problems that achieve the needs and goals of my client to provide them with the best possible outcome.


Q:     What advice would give to someone considering a career in commercial real estate.

A:     Don’t worry, it’s easy you only have to know this one thing.  Everything.  When I get to talk to new folks to commercial real estate I tell them the truth about what can be the difficult parts of this career and also the truth about the enriching experiences helping your clients.


Q:     Where can we find Jim on the weekends (when not social distancing)?

A:     I like to be outside in NM, camping, riding my bike, golfing, wakeboarding, skiing, enjoying our fantastic weather.  I also like to take mini-vacations of a weekend to see my kids.


Q:     Other than current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19, what has changed in the commercial real estate industry since you got started?

A:     Access to accurate information is much more readily available, so this has a tendency to improve decision making in transactions.  However the requirements and expectations have also increased increasing the complexity.


Q:     As an industrial and land real estate expert, do you still see opportunity in the CRE industry as it relates to the impacts of COVID-19?

A:     What we have seen in these times is a shift to more online shopping and retail.  This will cause a greater need to have more distribution space and distribution channels.  Online shopping increases drive industrial space needs.   The second thing we need is drive-thru everything.  People wanted it originally for convenience, such as a family with small kids that once they get them buckled in benefit from convenience.  Now you have the benefits of being able to keep more social distance and contactless or minimized contact transactions.  Land development will reward sites that provide good drive-thru access.

We are proud to have such a talented broker among our ranks. Thank you Jim for your many years of hard work and achievement.

Jim Wible, CCIM  has over 20 years as a land, industrial and investment advisor with an extensive background in commercial real estate and high-volume manufacturing. He has been active as an investor, a small business owner and a broker. Jim has led both small businesses and large corporations and has managed budgets in excess of $100 million.

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