Full-Servitce Solutions

Landscaping is the final detail that completes any property. With proper care, it enhances value and makes a distinct impression. Maestas and Ward works directly with Sun Vista’s landscaping experts can help maintain existing features, add enhancements, or design new installations. We can also provide customized irrigation and water conservation solutions.


Year-round Care

Our landscaping experts are with you every step of the way providing year-round care of your outdoor spaces for a consistently professional look. Our service plans help prevent costly repairs while improving the value and curb appeal of your property.

We tailor each plan to your individual needs, providing a wide range of professional services including:

  • Maintenance and repair of irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, and backflow devices
  • Overseeing winterization, spring startups, annual color, pots, and overall plant health, including tree pruning
  • Integrated pest management that minimizes the use of chemicals while proactively protecting against weeds, diseases, and insects
  • We can also arrange for other specialty services such as snow removal, parking lot sweeping, power washing, and tall tree work

Landscape Design

Timeless Style to Fit Your Needs

Our landscaping experts excel at creating timeless outdoor designs that complement your property for the long term. Whether you’re seeking an aesthetic upgrade or require an all new landscaping concept, our professionals will develop functional, attractive outdoor spaces to meet your specific needs.

Green initiative standards, including cost-effective water conservation practices, are a focal point of all our landscaping projects. We specialize in creating designs appropriately suited to our unique high desert climate, incorporating native and seasonal plants, and the most efficient technology available.

Landscape Installation

Focusing on Long-term Plant Success

Our licensed and insured landscaping professionals are committed to installation techniques that focus on the long-term success of plants and irrigation systems while ensuring minimal maintenance. With precise installation of irrigation systems, lighting, hardscapes, and plants at the onset, we work to avoid premature repairs and replacements in the future.

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